Meditating and Being Alone Did It for Me

Meditating and Being Alone Did It for Me

I smoked marijuana consistently with my friends during my junior and senior year and it gave me anxiety and depression from emotions that were overwhelming. After I graduated this year I told myself “Ok, are you just going to let these emotions continue to fuck you up mentally or are you going to face them toe to toe?”

And I faced them by meditating and isolated myself from friends and family for a little while. The isolation was nothing personal, I just needed some time to myself to figure out what caused the emotions and anxiety. After a little while of meditation and isolation, I observed that I had been getting anxious over the dumbest things and I just never had time to myself to handle them. Meditating and having creating spare time to figure yourself out is key to getting over anxiety and depression! Swear to god! – C.S.

Becca Comments:

You’ve discovered the time-honored approach of going inward and making time to be alone with yourself! C.S., sounds like you created this healing for yourself without cannabis as a tool in the equation.

However, I find it intriguing that it was the cannabis that actually showed you the things you needed to work on it … and you then set the cannabis aside and embraced meditation and “alone time” in order to heal.

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