Leveraging Cannabis as a Reward

Leveraging Cannabis as a Reward

When I get flashbacks I used to hit my head out of frustration and cut myself with any near by sharp objects. But now I use marijuana as a reward system for my brain. That if I can remain calm and not hurt myself I can smoke at the end of the day. It works so well and lately I can go days without smoking. Whereas I would have taken like 3 or more depression/anxiety medications daily. – Mickey

Becca comments:

Micky, thank you for your raw sharing. We need more of our community to embrace their strength and courage to come forward and share their stories. Powerful healing can happen when we can be witnessed. That is, not crabbing and complaining about our lot in life but saying “this is where I’m coming from and this is what I’m doing to further heal myself.” and “This is what’s working for me.”

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