I Can’t Leave My House

I Can’t Leave My House

PTSD is killing me! I am considering using weed. My issue is that it is illegal where I am (Australia) soon to be legalised etc. My problem is my medical supply is expensive and not consistent… I have problems leaving my home. – R.N.

Becca comments:

Yes, R.N. social anxiety (a symptom of trauma) is like that. People have connected with me to say that their social anxiety is so high that they can’t come in person to attend one of my Elevation Ceremonies. I understand that.

But you don’t need much cannabis when combined with the ancient Eastern practices I guide. I invite you to subscribe to my e-newsletter so that you might be able to participate in some of my on-line guidance. I intend to have this component ready as soon as possible. Meantime, learn to breathe it will be soothing to your nervous system and offer you some relief. Contact me through my website here if you have specific questions about that.

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