July 2018

When I get High I Just Wanna Cry

2018-06-13T02:29:43+00:00 July 3rd, 2018|Field Reports|

I’ve been looking for an answer to why lately when I get high (sativa) I tend to just want to cry all the time … just all these thoughts and usually about things I feel I’m lacking in or missing. It made me stop smoking because I would be around people and need to cry! [...]

Cannabis and Emotional “Flooding”

2018-07-03T16:08:17+00:00 July 2nd, 2018|Field Reports|

Hi Becca, I came across your website while looking for information and experiences from people who have had profound emotional and emotional integration experiences while on cannabis. Great, I’m glad you’re with me. Make sure you subscribe on my Cannanaut website so we can be in touch – I’m planning on taking my Cannabis Elevation Ceremonies on-line [...]