Cannanaut: Welcome to My World of Cannabis, Meditation & Emotional Liberation

This is my new website! If you’re a veteran subscriber you know it’s been a long time in coming.

It was about 3 years ago that I pivoted from producing and hosting a high profile TV show about the wonders of cannabis called Marijuana Straight Talk to letting that go so I could devote my time exclusively to the exploration of the “psycho-spiritual” side of cannabis as it relates to emotional healing and wellbeing.

Why would I do a thing like that?!

My decision was profoundly personal … and transcended the excitement and popularity of producing and anchoring TV shows, which was also my work in an earlier journalistic career in television news.

There are two defining reasons why I’m meeting you now as a a soulcraft practitioner and kundalini meditation teacher who pairs cannabis plant medicine with the ancient esoteric practices of the kundalini yogic tradition to effect enduring emotional healing and wellbeing:

1) This exquisite alchemy of specific kundalini practices and cannabis plant medicine personally quelled my own relentless symptoms of emotional trauma – anxiety, fear, self-doubt and a range of other difficult emotions.

2) My sole (soul) assignment has become supporting and guiding others in releasing their self-defeating emotional patterns and suffering using this revolutionary alchemy of emotional healing.

In the summer of 2016 I began holding one-to-one healing ceremonies in Denver, where I live. I proved the concept based on participants’ positive feedback over five months and then introduced the Cannabis Elevation Ceremonies to groups.

Here, on my new website, you are able to connect with me for public and private sessions and ceremonies. I also see as a nexus for information and education on the psycho-spiritual use of cannabis, other plant medicine, kundalini yogic discipline and cannabinoid science as it relates to emotional healing and wellbeing.

My fondest desire is that you will join me and return often so that we can embrace together this sacred intersection of kundalini meditation and cannabis.






About Becca:

I guide Cannabis Elevation Ceremonies and other public and private sessions in safe, supportive and legal environments that combine the plant medicine with ancient kundalini meditation practices for emotional healing and wellbeing.

I’ve been a group facilitator, speaker and life coach for personal and collective transformation for more than two decades. I am trained as a clinical nutritionist and am a long-time cannabis advocate, experientially working with the plant to advance personal growth and human potential.

Use of this website constitutes acceptance of my Medical Disclaimer