Cannabis Never Helped Me

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From someone who used MJ for 10 years to heal CPTSD [Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder] I can honestly say that cannabis couldn’t heal me. Only God heals. I am making-up for numbing myself that long and only by God’s grace am I able to process the emotional flashbacks I suppressed so long with drugs. Check out sermonindex on YouTube. God bless. – Clare

Becca Comments:

Thanks for weighing-in Clare. Cannabis can be a numbing agent – or a TOOL to support ascendence.

Cannabis is the gentlest of all “numbing” agents. If people need to numb themselves, cannabis my beoptimal, as opposed to opiates, alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs or distractions like food, sex, video screens. People like yourself who numb-out on cannabis will have the easiest portal of re-entry – as cannabis results in only a psychological dependence, not physiological.

In my work with cannabis as a psycho-spiritual agent we use it in conjunction with ancient breath and body practices and techniques from India. We use micro-doses (small amounts) of cannabis to facilitate bringing up difficult emotions in order to transform them and release them. I invite you to subscribe to my e-newsletter so that we can be in touch as I offer guidance on how to create the conditions for emotional healing.

With Love, Becca

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