Cannabis and Emotional “Flooding”

Cannabis and Emotional “Flooding”

Hi Becca,

I came across your website while looking for information and experiences from people who have had profound emotional and emotional integration experiences while on cannabis.

Great, I’m glad you’re with me. Make sure you subscribe on my Cannanaut website so we can be in touch – I’m planning on taking my Cannabis Elevation Ceremonies on-line later this year. So we can build a virtual community and heal together!


Yesterday I took a few drops of thc/cbd balanced cannabis oil (i have a medical marijuana license in Ontario) and suddenly I could hear all my thoughts and I was meditating and I just felt so overwhelmed with emotion.

Oh! Your Soul wants you to be in touch with these difficult emotions so that you can release them. Our beloved cannabis amplifies this and brings this to the surface.  I invite you to review this video: When Cannabis Makes You Anxious or Sad


I decided to try tapping through it because this is a practice I’ve been working on using in conjunction with emotional integration and it was like every memory I had that I’ve attached negative emotion to came flooding into my mind and I had this intense compassion for it.

It happened too fast and you were overwhelmed. As sensitive as you are, I’d suggest that you dial back the amount. 1-to-1 is still pretty strong for sensitive beings.  “Start low, go slow, stay low” is my words of advice in doing this work. It’s an experiential process, so good for you for trying different things. But just do it on lower amounts:) 


I decided to tell every emotional feeling that I know why it feels that way and it makes sense and I absolutely know what it’s going through and I had the same experiences etc. It was like having emotional processing on fast forward or something?!

Yes, it was exactly that. My work is a combination of practices that strengthen and condition your nervous system so that you can feel without becoming overwhelmed. I use cannabis as a Spirit Plant and technology to gently support this. 


Anyways your website is the only one I can find even remotely on this wavelength so I wondered (bc now in the morning light I’m wondering if it was all real) if this is what you talk about with your emotional integration while on Cannabis?

Yes, absolutely it was real! 

You can join my Meetup page if you’d like to stay current with what I’m doing 🙂 

As an aside, I can help you integrate these experiences. I offer individualized focused sessions that would support you in this process of releasing and resetting.  You’re welcome to book a complimentary 20-minute inquiry call at this page. OR, if you want to jump right in you can book the session. Take a look. I recommend the 5 sessions for great value, which includes the hemp oil I use and the USB drive of the practices we’d be using to strengthen your nervous system in order to do this work. 

I love that you’re listening to your body.


Thank you for sharing with the world.  – Laura

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