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The Many Faces of Cannabis-Assisted Consciousness Exploration

It doesn't matter what you know about cannabis – whether you're absolutely new or an old hand with the plant. You just have to be game to do some thoughtful Inner exploration with it and find your sweet spot. It could be lavish amounts of THC, the compound that gets you high, or CBD, the

A Death that Wasn’t Just a Death

It stunned me! Even me – a seasoned TV news producer back then who chased ruin and disaster like it was a showcase of Eleusinian Mysteries. In my line of work, I was calloused and mostly dispassionate about the legion of repugnant things we covered. But this. This event found me dumbfounded… not because it

Please, please let me win the lottery!

There's an old story about a pious man named Izzy*, who every night, on his knees at the side of his bed would pray for one singular thing. With folded hands and eyes squeezed shut, he'd earnestly and imploringly ask God, "Dear God, please, please let me win the lottery! Please, please let me