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Pre-Cannanaut: Marijuana Straight Talk Pilot Episodes

Note: Becca here. Feel free to read the following info but please know that I have since put the TV show on ice. Once I realized the power of the Cannanaut (Cannabis Ceremony) work on personal transformation, it trumped anything else I was doing. Helping people to become in touch with healing their out of control emotions is my singular passion.

free speechHi friend,

We introduced our television show pilots in 2015 and 2016 and were flabbergasted that the show landed among Free Speech TV’s most watched programs – according to Rentrak, a third party media analytic service. (Here’s Free Speech’s on-line link).

Americans are hungry for information, connection and education – and we have it all!  We transcend the dire “he said, she said” mainstream media approach with penetrating insights on the “green rush” stirred with a light-hearted, entertaining approach.

Host Becca Williams weaves her irreverent sensibilities throughout all aspects of the show.  She leverages her background as an executive TV news producer/reporter and former news anchor for Chicago’s NPR affiliate to give the show its credibility footing. As a lover and long-time advocate of the Plant, Becca adds the edgy and daring continuity needed for a “fun to watch” experience.

Enjoy our pilot episodes below, and send along your comments and suggestions on how we can create the healthiest cannabis cultural movement possible.

For more insights into cannabis culture, join Becca on the MJ Straight Talk YouTube channel  for regular doses of her poignant perspectives injected with humor and love.

4-20 TV Special

Our theme for Marijuana Straight Talk’s 4-20 2016 special is “How far we’ve come, how far we have to go.” Join us as we catch up with the cannabis plant’s trajectory in this country from the black market to center stage.

Episode 1

Our kick-off episode of Marijuana Straight Talk looks at the phenomenon around the video “Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time.” Host Becca has a rollicking conversation with the publisher of, a zine dedicated to “Classin’ Up the Joint.” Culture maven Leland Rucker weighs in with his no-nonsense cannabis perspectives. Zev Paiss of the Rocky Mountain Hemp Association guides us through the ways hemp can heal our planet. And our Artistic Say artist, Ellen Bukstel, sings “Who’s the Pusher Now.”

Episode 2

Join us for Episode 2 of Marijuana Straight Talk with host Becca Williams. Our lineup is all-star in the cannabis community … including an interview with the Ralph Nader of Cannabis, Larisa Bolivar, looking out for our best interests. Towing the line on war veterans being able to use marijuana are Dr. Sue Sisley and war vet Michael Krawitz of Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access. Artist/activist Highah Seekah introduces his ode to the plant: “Free Up the Hemp.” And Mexican-American Daniel Garcia, rallies college kids around Students for Sensible Drug Policy.

Episode 3

Our third pilot episode introduces you to a new personal app that can tell you whether you’re too high to drive. Becca looks at the question of using cannabis on your pets. The Ralph Nader of Cannabis, Larisa Bolivar, tells us how to buy the cleanest marijuana possible. Culture maven Leland Rucker muses about how a commercial for marijuana medicine might look. A courageous woman steps forward to talk about her marijuana dependence and what she did about it. A spunky fabric artist shows us her cannabis-inspired creations. And in our Artistic Say showcase, Jamaican artist/activist Jah9 sings about the cannabis culture in her native island nation.