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What People Are Saying…

“I especially enjoyed the activities that involved movement – it helped quiet my busy mind and is a nice change from traditional meditation.”

– Kyle S.

I feel like setting aside time to go through these issues (anxiety, sadness) was very helpful and helped me gain peace.

– Madeline S. 

“It is so helpful to be able to use the [cannabis] medicine in a safe and sacred spot for its intended purpose.”

– Eric F.

“Your offerings have been a very integral part of what I feel has been a breakthrough for me and now an ongoing transformation, Thank you Becca!”

– Michael M.

“I found the day after added to my experience and provided even more perspective and it continues, thank you.”

– John H.

“I thought we were just going to enjoy cannabis together, but wow, how I underestimated that.”

– Andrew B.

“I really love your vibe. You give the kind of love that an understanding grandmother radiates. Not calling you old 😉 It’s exactly what a 20-year-old guy truly needs (though not many will admit that, haha). We are unconsciously taught to repress our emotions and it adds up. I think that’s why so many of us have “anger issues”.”

– Ben D

“This ceremony was just as powerful as the first one I attended yet quite different. I felt much more in control knowing the format and was able to explore deeper what I wanted to and felt more inclined to go further into my strength and potential with the kriyas. They for me are unlimited in depth.”

– Michael M.

“After we were done with our session, I finally felt this overwhelming peace that I was on the right path and doing exactly what I need to do to find myself. And I still feel the effects of our session. I still feel confident about the progress that I made. Looking forward to the next one so that I can deal and learn more!”

– Trisha M.

“I can not tell you how much I loved the ceremony. You actually visited me in my dreams Saturday night. It was really cool. I don’t remember the exact interaction but it was neat. I have already incorporated 2 of the breath practices into my daily meditation. I feel so alive when I am done.”

– Andrea D.

“This was a whole new experience for me. Initially, I was apprehensive as my interest was more focused on Pranayama and my familiarity/comfort level with cannabis was slightly above none. With that said the ceremony enabled me to progress further than what I’ve been able to accomplish with meditation and study alone. I found the experience rewarding.”

– John H

“Thank you so very much for such a beautiful evening and experience. I wanted to share with you just how moved I was by your gift. I was able to move through layers and experience my true inner self in such a beautiful space.”

– Michelle M.

“The elevation ceremony with Becca Williams was a magical experience of introspection and breath work that brought clarity and awareness of intention. A perfect foundation for the coming year. Grateful how everything happens in perfect timing.”

– MJ

“It was a privilege spending Saturday evening in ceremony and tea with you. I had so many dreams that night, it felt like a lot of things processing. And into the following day. You’re Great at teaching this.”

– T. Brown

“What a journey! The whole ceremony was amazing start to finish – Transformation from this night is huge. So much gratitude for this gift, Becca.”

– Michelle F.

“How comfortable & welcoming the environment you provide & how safe it felt to experience feelings & movement of emotion. Thank you!”

– Sarah G.

“I feel that setting aside time to go through these [my] issues was very helpful and helped me gain peace.”

– MM

“Becca has been instrumental in helping me heal. We need more like her!”

– Larisa B.

“Becca! You are doing such great things! Looks like you were born to do this.”

– Shelley M.

“You are very talented and a fresh flower in the world.”

– Randy B.

“Thank you again for a wonderful evening Becca. Your genuine nature and clear insight was very much appreciated.”

– William C.

“Life changing. I was broken down to my inner child and rebuilt back up. Amazing experience. Becca is just such a wonderful person.”

– Andrew B.

“Your ceremonies are a blessing and I look forward to more in the new year.”

– S.S.

“My goal was to continue my journey of self care and self discovery and this night achieved that.”

– Cody W.

“At first I felt doubtful and insecure and left feeling strong and knowing what I needed to do when I left.”

– Ashlie S.

“My ability to address these [difficult] emotions without feeling hysterical surprised me.”

– Anosua M.

In my Cannabis Elevation Ceremonies, I favor bright colors to the kundalini white and embrace cannabis plant medicine while strictly adhering to the Emotional Liberation practices that are the cornerstone of my public and private gatherings.