The Spirit of Cannabis They Didn’t Want You to Know About

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In our culture, marijuana being used as a Spirit Plant is just coming into its own. “Coming into its own” as in being used to raise consciousness that enhances a state of clarity, greater psychic perception and a more focused ability to meet personal goals. Now, if you’ve been with me for a while, you know I’ve talked about the …

Cannabis: Ah, the Good (?) Old Days

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Leland strolls down “marijuana” memory lane, recalling nickel bags, lids and black market specials. Whether you’re a long-time cannabis enthusiast, younger or new to the scene, you’ll appreciate his light-hearted (albeit tortured) look at how far we’ve come. This breezy segment is from the “Best Of” our April 2016 special. Wanna see our TV episodes? Check them out here. Becca’s bio: …

How African (Cannabis) Folk Medicine Came to the U.S.

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The rich and complicated history of our black brothers and sisters gets even more rich and more complicated when it comes to cannabis. Becca offers some pearls on the connection between Africans and cannabis being brought to the Americas. Go here to subscribe to our YouTube channel, and we can see where we take this mj conversation! Also join us on Twitter (@MJStraightTalk) …

Baby Boomers: A Generation Divided by Pot

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Hey! Becca here. Your Aunt Stella might have been the ultimate flower child or your Uncle Ben the grizzled army war vet — still calling marijuana the wacky weed. Baby boomers — that group around 65 years old — have one of the most vicious stigmas to overcome when we’re talking about marijuana. Thanks to Becky DeKeuster for her wise insights!