For Fans of Jed McKenna’s “Spiritual Autolysis”

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What I’m going to tell you probably won’t mean much unless you’re aware of author Jed McKenna and his trilogy on spiritual enlightenment – the first book being called “Spiritual Enlightenment, the damnedest thing.” His work has acquired a large cult following even though we have no idea who THE Jed McKenna is. The author writes under this pseudonym and …

What You Can Expect in a Cannabis Ceremony

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I’m very excited because we’re introducing monthly Cannabis Ceremonies in Denver and also you’ll have the opportunity to participate remotely with me through YouTube in private Cannabis Ceremonies. If you want to stay in touch and know more about the schedule, sign-up here at my website, Think of “Cannanaut” like psychonaut.  A Psychonaut is a person who explores their human condition …

Cannabis Hero: Dr. Tod Mikuriya

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It’s taken all types of activists to shake loose the shackles that have kept cannabis illegal in the United States. Perhaps no one has been more tenacious and courageous than one well-positioned doctor who put his medical career on the line for safe access to cannabis plant medicine.

Get Religion! The First Church of Cannabis

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The Church of Cannabis is a brilliant stroke of genius that’s tickling some of our wildest fantasies. For a lot of us, when the word “church” comes up, we go running for the hills. Certainly this Midwest kitty (me!), born and raised Missouri Synod Lutheran, has done that — with some regularity. When an old, bearded white guy thunders commands from above I put my …

A Notable Billionaire Who Loved Marijuana

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Becca here, There are many reasons wealthy, influential people channel money into certain causes, but their biggest incentive is usually to make more money. When it comes to marijuana, one billionaire spent millions on furthering legalization efforts simply because he saw it as a benefit to society. By the way, my eye’s bloodshot, but we went ahead and videoed this …