Lesson 1a. Emotional Healing with Ancient Practices & Cannabis

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Lack of self-worth and self-esteem had always been such a core issue for me that I still get hung up on comparing and envying other people who I see as ultra-successful.  However, now I know what to do to process it and get back to feeling clear and centered. In the old days (before I healed from these difficult emotions), …

How African (Cannabis) Folk Medicine Came to the U.S.

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The rich and complicated history of our black brothers and sisters gets even more rich and more complicated when it comes to cannabis. Becca offers some pearls on the connection between Africans and cannabis being brought to the Americas. Go here to subscribe to our YouTube channel, and we can see where we take this mj conversation! Also join us on Twitter (@MJStraightTalk) …

Cannabis Hero: Dr. Tod Mikuriya

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It’s taken all types of activists to shake loose the shackles that have kept cannabis illegal in the United States. Perhaps no one has been more tenacious and courageous than one well-positioned doctor who put his medical career on the line for safe access to cannabis plant medicine.

Baby Boomers: A Generation Divided by Pot

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Hey! Becca here. Your Aunt Stella might have been the ultimate flower child or your Uncle Ben the grizzled army war vet — still calling marijuana the wacky weed. Baby boomers — that group around 65 years old — have one of the most vicious stigmas to overcome when we’re talking about marijuana. Thanks to Becky DeKeuster for her wise insights!