How African (Cannabis) Folk Medicine Came to the U.S.

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The rich and complicated history of our black brothers and sisters gets even more rich and more complicated when it comes to cannabis. Becca offers some pearls on the connection between Africans and cannabis being brought to the Americas. Go here to subscribe to our YouTube channel, and we can see where we take this mj conversation! Also join us on Twitter (@MJStraightTalk) …

Let’s Ditch the Stigma! These Marijuana Images Are A Step in the Right Direction.

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Hi, Becca here. These days when cannabis is portrayed in a group setting, it’s generally something sensationalized — like a hoity-toity party or a ‘pullout-all-the-stops’ event of premium rolls and gourmet edibles. Or, at the opposite end of the spectrum, a stoner-esque conclave awash in bongs, nails and dab rings.

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Look to Jamaica for How to Commune with Ganja

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First a Little Story … We met Highah Seekah when we met his music. His activist lyrics embrace, yes, ‘freeing’ the Plant but also righting other injustices from viral weapons and the Gulf Oil spill to reminders to keep on keeping on.  Highah Seekah — Richard Harvey at birth — was born in Jamaica. At 12 years old, shaped by the activist roots of his …