4 Pointers to Get You & Your Cannabis Home for the Holidays

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In my last video, I gave you the skinny about driving across state lines while you’re traveling with your beloved cannabis.  I shared with you some tips I had heard – because I would NEVER travel with cannabis. Anyway, today, with December closing in on us, I want to share with you some information that experienced friends have shared with me, about …

Lesson 1B: This 5 Minutes Will Be Your Lifeline to Our Work Together

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It’s time to begin the emotional healing! (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go back to the first half of this video for a quick catch-up). What I’m going to guide you to do here today is with or without the support of a micro-dose of cannabis – totally up to you to experiment with. It’s very …

Mastering Your Emotions with Divine Wisdom & Marijuana

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We all know those people who you gotta tip-toe around because you never know what kind of mood they’re in. Maybe you’re one of them? And if so, and you’ve been growing tired of being a slave to your emotions, this may be of great interest to you. MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this video should be taken as medical advice …

Marijuana Supports Brain Rewiring

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Our fundamental right as human beings is to live our lives being happy, healthy and in touch with our deep intuitive nature. The way we bring that into our lives is by rewiring the patterns in our brains, which means rewiring our responses to life so that we can quit reacting and begin living. Being in “monkey mind” is a …

Black Lives and Well-Meaning White People

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Well-Meaning White People is the term used when we as White people have little or no clue as to the challenges African Americans face on a daily basis. Mostly we’re blind to the abuse that results in what’s been identified as the on-going torment of race-based trauma.

Watch This Man Slay the Myth of Cannabis as the “Assassin of Youth”

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How long we’ve labored under the disinformation campaign that cannabis will make you go mad or kill you. This intriguing segment is from the “best of” our April 2016 special. Martin A. Lee sets the record straight. Wanna see our TV episodes? Check them out here. Becca’s bio: http://mjstraighttalk.com/about-me For more videos on cannabis culture, health, history and more, subscribe to our YouTube …