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Let Me Inform and Entertain Your Group on Cannabis’ Riveting Intersection
of Science & Soul

I describe Cannabis and Spirituality as the third wave of the cannabis plant’s emergence in our culture. The first wave being recreational (or “Adult Use” as we call it now) and the second wave that introduces cannabis’ countless medical applications for health issues.

The third wave of Cannabis and Spirituality is the latest and leading edge dimension in our Western understanding of this remarkable plant. Yet its pedigree as a plant substance that deepens our connection with higher dimensions of reality and their creative and healing expressions has ancient and revered roots (pun intended).

I love to share this information with audiences of all walks and do so by leveraging my experience and background as a health professional, a former reporter, a ceremonialist and plant medicine integrationist.

Please connect with me if you’d like to discuss your event and how we can tailor my talk to best suit your audience.