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I’ve been inspired, healed and transformed by this practical yet mystical Plant that’s traveled with us from the ancient beginnings of humankind.
Becca LowRes Number One With that in mind, I believe we need to look back in order to move forward in creating our contemporary expression of how to fully embrace cannabis in supporting expanded states of consciousness and healing.

As a long-time student of human potential, I am most drawn to cannabis’ ability to support and inspire intuition and healing of difficult emotions. My skills and passion emerge from a synthesis of Eastern Vedic practices (that include plant medicine), cutting-edge brain science and a mastery of intuition and self-awareness.

Becca Williams, Spirit Plant Guide

I love to experientially commune with open-minded edge walkers and those longing to live life with more ease and authenticity

I will lead you through ancient practices of vigorous and cleansing body and breath work, supported with contemplative and nurturing guidance. As explained in age-old Ayurvedic medicine, this work engages meridians and other energy channels to reset patterns in your nervous system. Cannabis micro-dosing offers an amplifier to support and promote lasting emotional healing.

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Here are a Few Examples of My Work

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