Hello friend. My name is Becca.

You’ve landed on this page because you’re likely intrigued by exploring what I call cannabis spirit consciousness. I am a devoted student of cannabis’ Spirit Plant medicine – as she has been vital in my journey of healing from difficult and turbulent emotions that had ruled my life.

Although I’m now focused on helping others with their emotional healing, my personal intention overall has been to create a means for both outward and inward expression of the Plant as an agent of consciousness transformation.

That’s a two-pronged approach.

First – I’m now singularly focused on offering guidance in how cannabis can support us in healing from the traumas that might have you caught in a net of self-limiting beliefs whether it stems from anxiety, anger, depression, sadness or low self-esteem. I’m introducing Cannabis Ceremonies for this very purpose.

Secondly, check-out the large library of Youtube videos along with the four TV show pilots that my friends and I created for framing a conscious cannabis culture. Most recently though, I have focused on making videos that offer perspective on interacting with cannabis as a Spirit Plant medicine.

Who is Becca Williams?

My background is diverse and hard to pigeonhole. However, my main enduring interest focuses on human potential – and how we can have peak experiences to facilitate our personal growth. Now that I know from my own personal experience that it is possible to heal completely from the torment of difficult emotions, it is my privilege to offer these approaches to others who have been seeking a way out – as I had for so long.

I am introducing Cannabis Ceremonies that offer extraordinary and experiential explorations that will guide you to safely uncover and release difficult emotions and self-limiting beliefs frustrating your life.

I found answers in Eastern traditions that holy men – sadhus, monks and yogis – perfected over millennia. My emotional healing work combines their sacred practices of vigorous and cleansing body and breath work, supported with contemplative and nurturing guidance. As explained in ancient Ayurvedic medicine, this work engages meridians and other energy channels to reset patterns in your nervous system. My skills emerge from a synthesis of Eastern Vedic practices (that include plant medicine), cutting-edge brain science and a mastery of intuition and self-awareness.

My training as a health care practitioner – Registered Nutritionist and Dietitian – also informs my perspective in navigating the reductionist framework of our Western conventional medicine paradigm. Yet in my role as a health journalist covering alternative and holistic approaches to health, I discovered cannabis’ rich history as an agent of remarkable healing and well-being within the realm of soul, especially as it relates to taming out of control emotions.

My time in mainstream media is layered with experience as a TV news producer and on-air journalist (thankfully, I eventually moved on from that arena of “if it bleeds, it leads” negativity). I also anchored and produced for Chicago’s NPR affiliate, WBEZ. Later, I happily went on to cover integrative, alternative and holistic health for Dragonfly Media magazines as their national health editor.  (I’ve added links below to some of my non-cannabis writing.)

Now that you know a little more about me, I invite you to join me in exploring marijuana’s powerful capacity to catalyze personal transformation. Subscribe to my occasional email newsletters to not only go deep with me on this subject but also keep tabs on the Cannabis Ceremonies I’m introducing.

I’d also love to hear from you – connect with me via this page. What are the emotions and feelings you wrestle with? And what would a life look like for you without the pain you suffer?

It is my fondest desire to offer guidance and support in your journey toward finding that relief in healing – so no longer will you be a slave to your out-of-control emotions. And you can begin to live life as you’ve never lived it before. Let me tell you, the centeredness and peace that comes with this self-mastery is worth the discipline and perseverance that it takes to do the work. Just ask those holy men!

The way I look at it, I may be just a few steps ahead of you in this esoteric healing journey. I’ve thrown open the door and turned on the lights and am saying, “My friend, there can be an end to your difficult feelings and emotional turmoil. Let me show you the way.”

With Love,

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