I support people in awakening experiences that enrich and heal their lives.

I have many tools to call upon to do this and a significant one is the psycho-spiritual use of cannabis. However, I have discovered that the effects of employing the plant in this manner is strongly dependent on the context in which it is done and the practices we pair it with.

I’ve explored a wide spectrum of meditation, breath work, yogic and ceremony paths. And I have discovered that for myself, my clients and my Elevation Ceremony participants profound effects of releasing and/or awakening are experienced with practices adapted from the ancient Eastern kundalini tradition. In fact, I attribute my own deep transformative healing to a particular form of this discipline – coupled with the resonance of our beloved Spirit Plant.

The amplifying effects of cannabis are significant but clearly it’s the kundalini-enhanced system called “Emotional Liberation” created by GuruMeher Khalsa that is pivotal.

GuruMeher is my teacher and a kundalini yoga master. He’s also Sikh. I’m not Sikh and I’m not a kundalini yoga teacher. I actually like it that way as I have no “spiritual” strictures (i.e. Sikhism or Kundalini as Taught By Yogi Bhajan™) that I must adhere to.

The reason I now teach and guide using these Emotional Liberation techniques and practices is because, as I have mentioned, they are the same approaches that I used to heal myself from emotional woundings that had ruled my life.

My work now, whether it’s through Elevation Ceremonies or with individuals is to support others in mastering their emotions so they too can release self-limiting beliefs whether it stems from anxiety, fear, anger, depression, sadness or low self-esteem and self-doubt.

Although most of us manage to look just fine, we all have an inner world that is often dark and difficult to navigate. For this reason, I invite you to join me in experiential gatherings of self-exploration that can open the door to deeper awareness replacing difficult feelings. These explorations have all been time-tested by me. I want to introduce you to and equip you with these ancient sophisticated techniques (including the psycho-spiritual use of cannabis) so that you can put them into action for yourself.

I have introduced Cannabis Ceremonies that offer extraordinary and experiential explorations that will guide you to safely uncover and release difficult emotions and self-limiting beliefs frustrating your life.

Now that you know a little about me, I invite you to join me in exploring marijuana’s powerful capacity to catalyze personal transformation.

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What are the emotions and feelings you wrestle with? And what would a life look like for you without the pain you suffer?

It is my fondest desire to offer guidance and support in your journey toward finding that relief in healing – so no longer will you be a slave to your out-of-control emotions. And you can begin to live life as you’ve never lived it before.

Other Stuff


I’ve been a group facilitator, speaker and mentor for personal and collective transformation (including mission-driven businesses) for more than two decades.

I’m trained as a clinical nutritionist and Registered Nutritionist/Dietitian and am a long-time cannabis advocate experientially working with the plant to advance states of higher consciousness and emotional healing.

I invite you to visit my YouTube Channel to explore a collection of videos I have created on cannabis and spirituality as well as more than 100 videos covering the conscious culture of cannabis.

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