Events Schedule: Elevation Ceremonies & Conscious Salons

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Explore your growth edge with me! 

Whether you’re in the Denver area or vacationing here, plan to join us for an Elevation Ceremony or Conscious Salon 

These experiential evenings will support you in re-connecting with your personal guidance system and inner stability, to gain greater control over your life and enjoy ever-increasing happiness.

At the same time, as humans, we have a profound yearning for connectedness to self and to others. Gatherings like this help to deepen our experience of life and add richness and meaning.

All my gatherings are plant medicine-optional. Any level of experience welcome.

In a safe, legal and sacred environment, I provide complimentary high CBD strains that offer a relaxing and focused dimension for the ceremonies. (It’s been described as a “warm and nurturing hug”.) I’ve also added a clean, quality, highly bioavailable CBD oil for your journeying pleasure.

In the salons, if you enjoy cannabis and are looking for like-minded people to have next level conversations with, this is for you. If you love expanding your mind and having fun in a receptive and welcoming environment, this is definitely for you. Salons are BYOB (bud).


Take good care of yourself. If lots of triggering stuff is coming up for you, I invite you to try this guided vigorous breath exercise for 5 minutes that’s on my YouTube channel. It’s the best and fastest way I know to give your nervous system a “bump up” to make you feel better.  I do some introductory talking but the BREATHING EXERCISE STARTS AT 8:50 in.

In addition, if, during your day, you get triggered and need to become centered quickly, do it – with or without micro-dosing. (It’s very individualistic, but often being straight is preferred.) You can cue this video up and bookmark it on your computer or mobile device for fast retrieval because when you’re triggered, I KNOW you need this RIGHT NOW. You can simply use my audio to keep you going. Let me now how it goes.

We’ll be resuming our Ceremonies in mid-January. I’m working on the on-line component so you can join us from anywhere in the world. Meantime, if you’re in the Denver area join us for a live in-person group!


Wed Jan 24, 2018

Ellementa: Cannabis and Spirituality

I have been invited to speak at Ellementa’s monthly gathering to talk about cannabis as a spirit plant. Ellementa meets monthly to bring women together to learn about cannabis for health, wellness, self-care and caregiving. This is a non-consumption, educational event for women/female-identified only. Ellementa creates welcoming spaces where women can come together to speak openly about cannabis wellness.


Sat Jan 27, 2018

Elevation Ceremony: For What’s Bugging YOU

What’s getting in the way of you being able to say, “I feel good”? Maybe you aren’t even in touch with it but something is bugging you. Change that right here, right now! Join me for an experiential evening that will support you in getting back to center and inner stability.


Sat Feb 17, 2018

Elevation Ceremony: For How to Love and Be Loved (It’s Tricky)

In our culture, February is declared the month of love. Such bullshit. Every day should be a day of Love – for YOU that is. How you see yourself casts a reflection upon every important relationship in your personal universe. If you see yourself as not having enough or not being enough then the world picks up on those cues.


Sat March 3, 2018

Elevation Ceremony JUST For Women (+Trans)

CONNECT WITH YOUR DEEPEST & MOST INTIMATE SELF. Women, like never before, are being called to show up and be seen and heard with our messages, gifts and full embodiment of our authentic selves.  We will embark upon an exceptional exploratory evening of renewal.


Sat March 17, 2018

Elevation Ceremony: HASH EATERS EVENING

So you like HASH and you want to GO DEEP. If you’re partial to the psychedelic aspect of our beloved cannabis plant, this evening is for you. THIS IS ONLY FOR THOSE FAMILIAR & COMFORTABLE WITH THC-RICH EXPLORATION.


Sat March 31, 2018

Elevation Ceremony: Honoring the Queer Experience

“Being queer means believing that everyone has the right to be themselves and express themselves without being judged or hated because it doesn’t fit in with what’s normal. Being queer means challenging everything that’s considered normal.” Simpler said than done, eh? Both cultural & family bigotry takes its toll. Join me for an evening of releasing this old psychic garbage that may be holding you back from your magnificence.


More Ceremony dates to be posted soon.

With Love, Becca


What Participants are Saying:

“Another truly amazing and experiential gathering! Like minded people coming together to explore, heal, strengthen and enjoy doing this in community, oh and even having a few laughs … Peace and Thank you Becca:) “  – Michael M.

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful evening. I enjoyed it and appreciated your guidance as we experienced our trip.”
– Eryn R.

“Since the last ceremony more great things have happened, thanks so much for helping me start this self discovery and healing journey.”  – Trisha M.

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    1. Marijuana Straight Talk

      Hello! Thanks for asking. Yes, the fall events are coming. I’ve been asked to present in LA in early September and traveling to India in late September so won’t have as many in Denver in September. But I’ll post them soon as I know out-of-towners need to plan. And I do love the visitors who plan their trip to be with us for a ceremony or salon. xoBecca

  1. Matt

    am excited to see what you’ve got planned for October. I’m visiting a friend in town around October 8 and would love to dovetail an experience with your group. keep up the great work, I really enjoyed your conversation on Psychedelic Salon!

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