Turning to the East (& Cannabis) for Emotional Healing

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If you’ve been following my YouTube channel for a while, you probably know my sweet spot is that intersection between handling difficult emotions and healing from difficult emotions – and how our beloved Spirit Plant cannabis can support us in doing that.

Learning to understand difficult emotions that come up – whatever it is for you – a little or a lot … sadness, anger, anxiety, depression, boredom, a lot of self-doubt, guilt – whatever it is, these emotions are speaking to you to tell you how to heal yourself.

And, I find, that cannabis, along with ancient Eastern practices, can be an excellent tool to support us in doing that. This is why I hold and guide Cannabis Ceremonies or Elevation ceremonies (there will be much more about this to come).  I also invite you to review my videos.

So Imagine YOU being the one in control of your emotions. As opposed to your emotions being in control of you. That is, something comes out of left field, somebody says or does something that triggers you OR you might have a thought of self-doubt … “I’m not going to this right, I can’t do it as well as other people, Other people are better than I am.”

You know that kind of stuff.

And then you’re off to the races …. the out-of-control emotional races …

I know this I did it for a long time … for years, actually decades; the reason I didn’t know what to do about my prickly emotions, was because our Western culture, hasn’t really had the tools to show us how to to deal with them.

What do we have? There’s talk therapy of course … seeing a therapist, pouring it out each week. I did that for a lot of years. I think it helped some. You?

And then the other option essentially in our culture is religion and/or spirituality. A lot of praying and yearning to be helped out of your suffering.

That didn’t work so well. You?

This is why, I believe, we have to turn to the Eastern cultures and their revered traditions of going inward. The Indian culture, for instance, is based and built on taking the time for inner self-exploration of the heart and the SOUL.

In the west we’ve been all about the BRAIN … with an emphasis on how we manipulate and control events out there – in order to manage our lives …  a prescription for suffering!

Eastern influences have a different take.

If we go “inside” in a meditative way, and find the peace that resides inside of us, we can become good with whatever happens OUT THERE. Why? because we’ve discovered that we can’t control what goes on OUT THERE  … and when we try to control it – suffering!

So the take-home is that we want to find the ways that we can go inside to find peace and clarity.

My skills & passion emerge from a synthesis of Eastern ancient practices, cutting-edge brain science and a mastery of intuition. I hope you’ll continue to connect with me.

My skills & passion emerge from a synthesis of Eastern ancient practices, cutting-edge brain science and a mastery of intuition. I hope you’ll continue to connect with me.

And this is the reason I hold Cannabis Ceremonies. For one, we as human beings have a profound yearning for connectedness to ourself and to others. And we don’t have this in our culture today. Ceremony is tribal. Primal. Ceremony is essential for maintaining our authentic identity and sense of belonging. And when a nurturing, safe space is created as we do in Cannabis Ceremonies, emotional healing can happen.

Stick with me. I invite you to subscribe here cannanaut.com so we can be in touch.

And let me hear from you. This is an exciting time to be alive … and an exciting time to pursue healing.

I’m Becca, and I’m here for you and with you.


MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this video should be taken as medical advice or encouragement to consume cannabis, especially where it’s illegal. In fact, for this video and everything else in your world, always check in with YOURSELF before acting based on anything you read, hear or watch.

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