What Kinds of Cannabis for Exploring Higher Consciousness?

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I’ve been getting questions in regard to the amount and kinds of cannabis that one might partake of in one of my Elevation Ceremonies – or in your own quiet, contemplative or meditative practice. I’m going to talk about the balance of the active components in the cannabis plant – and how they might effect you.

At this point in time, we know more about the cannabis plant than we’ve ever known before. And there are organizations specializing in finding out what ratios – or make-up – of the cannabis plant are good for various health ailments.

For our purposes though, we’re going to focus on the plant as a tool for reaching higher consciousness where personal revelations and emotional healing can occur.

What we currently know most about are two components of the plant we call cannabinoids: THC and CBD.  And while there’s a growing body of information out there about the physical healing aspects of these components of the cannabis plant, there’s not a lot about their use for going inward for finding clarity and peace and that emotional healing – which is the focus of my ceremonial work.

Navigating Higher Consciousness with the Plant

Consciousness work with the plant is experiential. There’s some old information out there – primarily from the 1970’s and 80’s. But these writings came long before we knew about the various constituents of the cannabis plant and what they do.

Also what’s new are the stratospheric levels of the psycho-active THC in today’s cannabis. So high, in fact, that a lot of folks, who are sensitive, get really anxious or paranoid when the psychoactivity is abnormally high.

This – or being absolutely baked – can compromise consciousness exploration. (But never say never, eh? – I’ve had rich sessions on quality hash, but it’s a valuable skill to know how to stay anchored if things get, um, messy in your head. This is a learnable skill BTW.)

Anyway, this is why I’ve been exploring CBD-dominate strains. CBD can negate some of that anxiety that THC causes as well as offer a relaxing and focused dimension. One of our ceremony participants described CBD-dominate strains as giving the feeling of a “warm and nurturing hug”.  How perfect is that to be able to put your anxiety or whatever in check and join us in ceremony! Or for anybody else for that matter!

The take home is that when cannabis doesn’t relax you, it’s usually a sign that the strain was too high in THC for you, or you consumed too much cannabis.

Start Modestly Even if You’re Hard Core

In fact, in my Elevation Ceremonies, I always suggest starting modestly – if you’re smoking it, one or two tokes, if you’re vaping it, a couple of pulls. You can always do more once you’ve established your personal baseline, which is likely not the same baseline as when you’re gearing up to party.

If you’re in a legal, or a “have” state as I call it, you have all kinds of products available to you (lucky us) and this means that you have the opportunity to experiment with various strains – especially the spectrum of CBD and THC ratios.

Because we have it available to us here in Colorado, I’ve guided ceremonies where we had even 1-to-1 ratios of CBD-to-THC products, products that had twice as much CBD as THC. I’ve even been trying a product that has 20-times more CBD than THC. As CBD can help calm your mind, it’s a terrific tool for consciousness exploration.

Now having said all that, I’m a BIG fan of using the  so that, just as in a , like an apple or an orange, you have all parts of the plant working together and they’re balanced – that is not isolating the components like CBD or  THC.

Now having said all that, I’m a BIG fan of using the whole plant so that, just as in a whole food, like an apple or an orange, you have all parts of the plant working together and they’re balanced – that is not isolating the components like only CBD or only THC.

The Terpene Thing

There’s also a whole school of thought emerging about terpenes (the essential oils in the plant) and how they may influence behaviors and mood. Although there are some companies focusing on it, it’s all still pretty expensive and esoteric at this point. Not to mention, I can just see you guys in the “have not’ states talking to your supplier about terpene profiles in your stash.

At any rate, it’s important to proceed in an experiential way … trying different ratios, seeing what works for you, because we’re all so different.

Plant Medicine: Always Optional

In my Elevation Ceremonies we engage in vigorous body and breath practices from ancient Eastern traditions. And plant medicine is always optional.

You can explore the deep inner reaches of consciousness without cannabis or any other psycho-active substance for that matter. I just find that personally our beloved cannabis plant offers a welcoming portal to being in touch with our higher selves.

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I also love to hear from you about your experiences and perspectives on cannabis as a spirit plant as well. So bring it on!

I’m here for you and with you, Becca

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this video should be taken as medical advice or encouragement to consume cannabis, especially where it’s illegal. In fact, for this video and everything else in your world, always check in with YOURSELF before acting based on anything you read, hear or watch.

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  1. Denise Brickell Vaughan

    Greetings Becca! I stumbled upon your you tube channel and luckily found this website. I’ve only seen a bit of your presentations, yet you strike me as a woman I can relate to. Because of this, I thought I’d write you and get your take on my situation.

    I’m 62 years old, and back when I was about 17, I tried smoking grass with friends. Actually, despite being a smoker and knowing how to inhale, nothing happened until my 4th try at getting high. Believing I might NEVER get high, I toked long and deeply…several times. It was a rainy night and I was on a camping trip with a bunch of friends. I was in one of our cars, parked near a river. Looking out the window, I admired an old stone bridge that arched over the river and noticed an old man, at the crest of the bridge, holding a lantern up. Turning to one of my companions, I went to point him out. In an instant he was gone; along with the bridge. Neither he, nor the beautifully arched stonework actually ever existed.

    With delight, I suddenly realized I was high…FINALLY!

    I sat back to get comfortable, wondering what this would be like. I noticed my cheeks were wet. I wiped at them, only to be shocked to discover; I was CRYING! What the heck?!? I looked inside myself… Why was I crying? I could find no internal sadness…this frightened me. I was not naturally much of a cryer. Why was I leaking an emotion I couldn’t even feel?

    I looked out at the night, shocked to find the old man with the lantern, quickly scuttling up to my window… standing there in the dark; pouring rain, peering in at us while slyly grinning. It was a horrible shock. That evening was nightmarish for me. None of it was remotely pleasant. I finally soothingly talked myself into the escape of sleep. I never tried to get high again.

    I experienced 3 years of crippling panic attacks afterwards. They started that night. I had no previous personal or family history of mental illness, depression, or anxiety. Wow, huh?

    Now at a completely different stage of life, with a good bit more experience and, hopefully, some wisdom under my belt, I find I would cautiously like to try Cannabis again. My interest was sparked by some health issues I think might be helped by using Cannabis. I began to research. I came to believe that in my naive youth I likely took in WAY too much THC while being completely ignorant about how STRONG grass could be.

    I am now hoping that by using a strain high in CBD and low in THC, and going VERY slowly at first, (like 1 toke and wait 15-20 minutes to feel my reaction), I could avoid having any such bad experience again. I would also plan to have peppercorns and lemon peels available, along with some distracting elements like music, coloring books etc. I would also be in my own home with my much loved Husband and perhaps another couple we are close to.

    I wonder if you have any insightful reactions or sage advice you could share with me regarding all of this. You strike me as a reasonable person of experience and understanding. Any feedback you’d care to share would be very appreciated.

    In closing, I should mention that I’ve always considered myself a spiritually oriented person, and felt that beyond the possible health benefits of Cannabis, it might well reveal itself to be a way to connect to Life in a deeper way.

    This is my hope, at least. That is if it doesn’t demolish me this time around! Thanks for any thoughts you care to share. I appreciate it.

    1. Post

      Hi Denise, thank you for sharing your story. These “field reports” are important because our work with cannabis and consciousness is all experiential.The more we can review and clarify our own experiences the more we can support others in theirs.

      Your plan with the high CBD and low THC and going slow is right on. And I invite you to be VERY clear on your objective for the evening. Is this a party atmosphere you want to create or are you wanting to inwardly explore? Regardless, given your past experience with how the plant affects you, you might not have much of a say in it as it sounds as though the plant wants to take you inward for some self-realization. Are you prepared for that? I have reports similar to yours where a person is with a group and intends to simply hang-out. But strong feelings of sadness (usually sadness) overtake them and they remove themselves from the social circle and go somewhere to be alone and cry.

      My “Emotional Liberation” work that I do in cannabis elevation ceremonies and private sessions includes active meditations from the kundalini yogic tradition. While doing these practices, the cannabis helps amplify the person’s feelings so they can be summoned from the subconscious and released. From your earlier experiences, I would suggest that you have some deep issues that are looking to be resolved. Only you would know, but sounds like the old man with the lantern wanted you to cross the bridge. What would you be crossing to? I’m also intrigued that the panic attacks stopped and would be interested in knowing what happened.

      At any rate, sign-up for my occasional emails as I will be introducing on-line elevation ceremonies, which may be something that would be of interest or at least something you’d want to learn more about. And let me know what happens. More field reports! With Love, Becca

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