The Best is Yet to Come – Consciousness Exploration with Cannabis

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I just want to take a moment to thank you for your interest and curiosity in my work, which embraces cannabis and the dimension of psycho-spirituality.

And how I’m bringing that into Cannabis Ceremonies or Elevation ceremonies – as we also call them – for safe, legal and sacred experiences in higher consciousness. We’ve also produced dozens of videos in regard to this. From “How to Prepare for a Cannabis Ceremony” to “Finding Emotional Relief with the Support of Marijuana” and “Tracing the Plant’s Ancient Roots for Accessing Divine Wisdom.”

And in addition to my videos on the Higher consciousness dimensions of the plant, you’ll find more than 150 videos on my YouTube channel that explore all aspects of cannabis in our culture. From Explaining the Endocannabinoid System (with some help from my little ole Gracie), discussing artistic portrayals of Miss Cannabis, to what’s been some of the most popular – the research around cannabis as it relates to Pregnant and Breast-feeding Mothers and so much more.

I invite you to dig deep into the substantial library I and a lot of my friends have created. We have playlists here on Animals and Cannabis, what we call Surprise and Delight (check-out the Mari Juana videos, they’re fun!), and the Playlist “MJ Culture” that even talks about the Rise of Mr. Trump and Ms. Marijuana. So drill down and have some fun – and also let me know what you think.

Meantime, I’m placing our video production on hiatus so that I can take the time to revamp my website and engage our local and virtual community.

It’s an exciting time as we explore what I call the third wave of cannabis, drawing from the wise ancients to put cannabis to work as a tool for consciousness enhancement.  I believe that our beloved plant is all about well-being, whether it’s the first wave known as “recreational,” what we now call “Adult Use,” or the second wave that’s known as “Medical Cannabis.” I consider myself so fortunate to be able to offer experiences and information for embracing cannabis as a Spirit Plant, that third wave.

So I look forward to connecting with you and the rest of our growing community of people who are drawn to exploring this aspect.

Please do subscribe here on my Youtube channel and have a look around, and please move over to my website,, where there will be much more coming that I’m so excited to share with you.

Stay in touch, and please contact me with our experiences and perspectives on how this remarkable plant is making a difference in your life.

I’m Becca and I’m here with you and for you.


MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this video should be taken as medical advice or encouragement to consume cannabis, especially where it’s illegal. In fact, for this video and everything else in your world, always check in with YOURSELF before acting based on anything you read, hear or watch.

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