The Spirit of Cannabis They Didn’t Want You to Know About

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In our culture, marijuana being used as a Spirit Plant is just coming into its own. “Coming into its own” as in being used to raise consciousness that enhances a state of clarity, greater psychic perception and a more focused ability to meet personal goals.

Now, if you’ve been with me for a while, you know I’ve talked about the fact that people actually discovered the spiritual potentials of cannabis about 5-thousand years ago. References to this herb in the ancient Vedic texts of India, indicate that it was being used by Rishis and Yogis – holy men – at that time to gain deepened perceptions.

ErowidSo if this is intriguing to you, you’ll really like the story I’m about tell you. I want to credit the website, Erowid, with this information. is an online library of info about psychoactive plants, chemicals and related topics. It’s a treasure trove and, by the way, they’re a not-for-profit and really love and need contributions.

Anyway, back in 1989, nearly 30 years ago, there was an article, an interview actually, about cannabis as a spirit plant, called “Resurrection of the Higher Self”.  It was so stunning, that it was rejected for print.

Magical_Blend_Magazine_-_Cosmic_Awareness_CommunicationsThe magazine that was supposed to print it, called Magical Blend, a publication covering meta-physical issues, ended up rejecting the article after having assigned it – because the editors felt the public was not ready to, “Entertain such ideas”.

Pretty juicy, eh?

In a memo, the Magical Blend’s managing editor wrote: “Although [the article] reflects a professionally conducted interview on the subject of marijuana use and the expansion of consciousness, other factors need to be considered in the question of its publication. It is essential to keep in mind the modern cultural limits, that restrain the full address of certain subject matters. For one, our firms’ legal position on this matter must be maintained on stable ground, especially in view of ‘the drug war’ [remember this was in 1989, the height of the War on Drugs].”

And he continues:  “Secondly, although our readership is known for a certain flexibility of mind, the senior staff agrees with me in that the public is not yet ready to entertain such ideas in this context. I therefore must ask you to go beyond the usual revision protocol, and abandon this project altogether, regardless of your good work in its creation.”

Wow, imagine, axing the article … not being able to discuss this particularly wonderful aspect of the marijuana plant.

What was it that was so daring? I want to share that with you but this video is getting too long, so I will answer that in a second segment, which will be next week’s video and blog post.

Meantime, if you want to read the article, “Resurrection of the Higher Self” here’s the link to the EROWID piece.

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Yes, it’s a potent spirit plant that, as you may or may not know, I weave into my Elevation Ceremonies.

Anyway, next time, I’ll take you into the vault of Erowid and share more of this “secret handshake” story with you.

Let me know what you think! I always enjoy hearing your thoughts on these exciting, edgy developments, Becca

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