5 Reasons Cannabis Acts as a Spirit Plant

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I’ve worked with cannabis as a plant spirit medicine since I was in my early twenties when I was tormented by a range of difficult emotions – including a lot of anxiety. Actually, the word “worked” makes what I did with the Plant sound way more sophisticated than how I muddled through in those early years. I just knew back then that marijuana had the ability to “soothe my soul” and the Plant became an enduring presence in my life.

Several decades later, I can confidently say I have an extraordinary relationship with marijuana as a spirit plant medicine. We work well together. And you can too:)

This Potent Spirit PlantFemale yogi plant energy

I’d like to share with you five reasons I find cannabis such a soothing and healing ally for the turbulent emotions that may be standing between you and more joy in your life.

Before I say more, I just want to mention that I’ve read accounts about spirit plant medicine that emphasize what I call “spiritual talk”.  For instance, in explaining why some people get anxious when partaking of marijuana – the explanation involves “lower vibrations and higher vibrations” and why they’re connected to some people getting anxious and others don’t.

I find that talking in esoteric spiritual terms – however accurate – can make communing with the plant sound very inaccessible – as if you either know the magic handshake or, poor you, you’ve missed out.

But you never mind that! I just recently began guiding cannabis ceremonies in the Denver area. In these gatherings, either public or in the privacy of your home, we move through ancient, Eastern yogic practices that support you in your release of emotional upset. In a safe and comfortable environment, I invite you to work seriously with marijuana’s spirit medicine to achieve emotional healing.

Here are Five Plain-Spoken Ways that Marijuana May be Your Choice as a Healing Spirit Plant Ally


1. Marijuana amplifies the turbulent emotion we want to work with: 

If you have the drive to feel better about yourself and if you possess the discipline to get close up and personal with your difficult emotions – then you’ll appreciate that marijuana amplifies difficult feelings so that you have the ability to work with them.

This process is not a walk in the park – (see this video) but in order to transform an emotion that is tormenting you, you gotta meet it.

2. Marijuana stimulates us to seek sacred alone time:

If we’re ready (even when we don’t have any idea we’re ready), the plant will nudge us to be more present with ourselves – to the exclusion of others, that is, actually not wanting to be in other’s company. This is a sign that healing is waiting for you.

3. The effect of ancient powerful breath practices is ramped up:

Our breath naturally anchors us to our intuition and it also slows the mind. So a communion with marijuana can amplify the effect of the breath work, which will put you in touch with your suffering. Caution: this calls for breathe conditioning so that you can consciously ride and learn to tame that swirl of emotion. I show you how to do this in cannabis ceremonies.

4. Marijuana can accelerate integration

That is, supporting you in taking what you’ve learned during your time of contemplation and integrate it into your normal day-to-day life. Deliberate and intentional focus will support you through this.

5. Lastly, marijuana can help strengthen your intuition:

Intuition is often described as another word for our soul. Meaning that cannabis can support us in getting in touch and having a clear connection with our soul.

It’s All About Your Deeply Resourced Self


Over all, these five points are about learning to strengthen your connection with your deeply resourced self … the ability to access the wisdom that comes from going inward, listening and asking for guidance.

This, of course, can be done with or without the support of marijuana. Although personally, I’ve found that this spirit plant may be a potent catalyst for inner exploration.

YOU need to do the work; this Spirit Plant supports you in doing it.

Remember: your greatest creation is your own conscious evolution. Join me in the exploration of, what we call, your Higher Self.

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I’m here with you and for you,



MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this video should be taken as medical advice or encouragement to consume cannabis, especially where it’s illegal. In fact, for this video and everything else in your world, always check in with YOURSELF before acting based on anything you read, hear or watch.

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