Our Line to Higher Consciousness

Cannanaut Cannanaut™: Higher Consciousness 2 Comments

I hold and guide Cannabis Ceremonies to bring us in contact with our deep inner resources, to unlock our potential and help heal from troubling emotions. In this video I explain this more fully.

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this video should be taken as medical advice or encouragement to consume cannabis, especially where it’s illegal. In fact, for this video and everything else in your world, always check in with YOURSELF before acting based on anything you read, hear or watch.

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  1. GKN Life

    Considering the fact that cannabis has been known to stop the growth of cancer cells, I would not be surprised if it aided in treating skin cancer. Medical Cannabis Saves Lives. Dying of Cancer Sucks — ask anyone doing it. Every American with Cancer deserves the right to have safe, legal, access to Medical Cannabis. Thanks for sharing.

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