5 Pointers for Packing Cannabis on Your Holiday Road Trip

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The cascade of holidays is nearly upon us and it’s time to go visiting!

Perhaps, if it’s relatives you’re traveling to see, you’re trying to figure out how to take your cannabis along in order to medicate to navigate that cocktail of prickly personalities you call your family.

How can you get there from here with your cannabis in tow?

I’m talking to you if you’re a cannabis luver and are planning on traveling with your beloved marijuana to visit grandma, parents, other relatives, friends, sweethearts within the United States. This week, I’m sharing with you some tips on driving on our roads going through and to other states with cannabis. This is hearsay, as I personally would not do anything of the sort. Next week we’ll look at flying the friendly skies (and they are more friendly these days).

Leaving a “Have” State and Traveling to a “Have Not” State

So the following are some considerations if you’re leaving a “Have” state and going to a “Have Not” state.  If you wanna know what “Have” and “Have Not” states are in my world, check out this video. You’ll enjoy it.

So first and foremost, as far as travel is concerned, driving on the roads crossing state lines carries the greatest degree of exposure … particularly if you’re crossing into rabidly illegal states. For instance, I’m in Colorado where we border some acutely strident “Have NOT” states like Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma – and just on the other side of the Okie panhandle, Texas. It’s a felony to cross state lines with cannabis.

I culled this image from the worldwide web so have no idea who this chap is. But obviously the sign impressed him enough to have his picture taken with it!

I culled this image from the worldwide web so have no idea who this chap is. But obviously the sign impressed him enough to have his picture taken with it!

You don’t want to give a patrolman (make that patrol person) any reason to stop you in the first place.

So make sure your vehicle is in good working order … headlights and taillights.

Have a valid license plate with an up-to-date sticker.

Stick to no more than five miles over the speed limit.

The whole point is blending into the landscape.




Of course, for my friends of color, this advice is dicey because if you’re “Driving while Black” or any other color than white for that matter, a racist cop might stop you regardless. But having said that – and I know I’m wearing my White Privilege here – if your vehicle is in good working order, that does offer some protection. They LEGALLY need a reason to stop you.

Packing for the Trip

Ok, so your vehicle is in good working condition? Check.

AND you’re planning to travel with some form of cannabis.

Here are some items to keep in mind:

  • I hear that the safest approach is to pack edibles.  This would make sense, as edibles are food, or lozenges or tinctures and don’t have that craziness associated with the “Evil Weed” – as there is with loose plant material. However, one forum I read, said to stay away from traveling with brownies as “pot brownies” are legend and could easily be singled out.
  • Use a cooler.  Put your “food” in a cooler and, I’m told, that putting your edibles and such in with the other non-medicated food you’re traveling with is a good move.
  • If you’re traveling with plant material, again I’m told, you might want to put it on your person somehow … in your underwear, your cleavage.
Don't get greedy. Only pack what you need.

Don’t get greedy. Only pack what you need.

I mean, you’re not carrying a kilo, right? You’re just looking to get through the holidays without going insane, yeah?  If you’re traveling with anything more, you probably ARE a  supplier, and, of course then, in that case, you know what you’re doing  (and, on behalf of all our friends in the “Have Not” states, thank you very much for your service).

Next time we’ll look at air travel and flying with your medicine.

Meantime, subscribe here and sign-up because my Cannabis Ceremonies are starting and I want to keep you in the loop. During the holidays and all other times, I want you to stay clear and centered – and if you’re having trouble doing that, you especially want to keep an eye on my cannabis ceremonies for healing turbulent emotions. (Interestingly, some have pointed out to me that their anxiety is very valid as it’s about the fear of being stopped with cannabis on them, ok, we can address that too).

I’m here for you and with you, Becca

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this video should be taken as medical advice or encouragement to consume cannabis, especially where it’s illegal. In fact, for this video and everything else in your world, always check in with YOURSELF before acting based on anything you read, hear or watch.

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