Lesson 1a. Emotional Healing with Ancient Practices & Cannabis

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Lack of self-worth and self-esteem had always been such a core issue for me that I still get hung up on comparing and envying other people who I see as ultra-successful.  However, now I know what to do to process it and get back to feeling clear and centered.

In the old days (before I healed from these difficult emotions), I regularly – like several times a day – would see others as so much better than me: co-workers, colleagues, people in powerful positions, potential mates, friends.


And then the envy would start; “Why do they get to have a great life and I have to struggle?” The answer in my head, fueled by the feeling of inadequacy, would be, “You’re not deserving of success and happiness,” – for whatever reason, fill-in-the-blank … “you’re not smart enough, not lovable enough, not important enough, not able enough.”

Let’s just leave it at: “I don’t have what it takes, and never will. I am defective.”

Then feelings of hopelessness and helplessness would cascade, activating anxiety and fear.

It’s an awful way to live.

And that’s how I lived my life, wading through the emotional muck of inadequacy and shame engendered by a childhood fraught with abuse.

In adulthood, I had hoped, but never trusted, that there would be a way out of this. Does this resonant with you?

Cannabis Ceremonies for Healing

If you’re in this place of suffering, I want to assure you that there is a way out. I have found it. I made it my business to search for answers. I was a seeker – I was a seeker of relief from tormenting emotions.

Those Eastern holy men knew what they were doing. My training embraces these esoteric traditions. Let me share them with you. Sign-up so that we can be in touch.

About two years ago, I was guided to discover relief and healing in esoteric Eastern traditions that incorporate active body movements and breathe work with the lift of cannabis (much more on this later).

I want to share this work with you – I want you to heal and realize a peaceful way of living that may have been beyond your wildest dreams.

In this video I want to introduce you to what’s to come in our work together, which I call Cannanaut: Exploring the deep inner reaches of consciousness with the support of cannabis.

I’m also delighted to share with you that I‘m introducing Cannabis Ceremonies to Colorado.  I’ll tell you more as we go along, but I want the video to take over here.

Thank you for your comments, your questions, your gratitude for my work in bringing this stuff to light.

Yours in love and emotional liberation, Becca

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this video should be taken as medical advice or encouragement to consume cannabis, especially where it’s illegal. In fact, for this video and everything else in your world, always check in with YOURSELF before acting based on anything you read, hear or watch.

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