Letting Marijuana Guide You to Healing

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Marijuana and Emotional Healing

If you’ve been drawn to bringing cannabis into your life in a mindful and focused way, you might also be experiencing a similar situation to the woman I introduce you to in this video (you’re welcome to stop and watch it at this point and then come back).

When listened to and worked with, cannabis can help us be in touch with ourselves at both an emotional level and at an intuitive level — that “inner knowing” often referred to as intuition.  As you watched the video and listened as I read her letter, the feeling she describes may be one that is familiar to you as well.

Is the Plant Calling You to Heal Your Emotional Wounds?

In short, if you are partaking of cannabis in social gatherings the Plant may have more in mind for you than shooting the shit with friends. She may be calling you to work with her as a spirit medicine in an intimate and sacred way for healing emotional woundings. This is an invitation that calls to us only when we’re ready.

Have you been hearing from her?

Her siren call often shows up as heightened anxiety. “Often when I smoke pot,” many say, “I get anxious (or paranoid or panicky).”

When people tell me this I immediately ask them if in their day-to-day (straight) lives do they have an issue with anxiety. The answer is categorically yes. This finding is anecdotal to be sure — but also a helpful casual survey.

Many choose to see these prickly feelings as something bad, uncomfortable (actually, I found them tormenting) to be pushed away at all costs. But in working with cannabis I’ve discovered that she amplifies our heavy emotions in order to put us face-to-face with them and support us in healing our emotional woundings.

How we do this will be the subject of much to come. For now, I will suggest that you practice strong belly breathing for 2 minutes a day (I use my cell phone timer). This will be the start of conditioning yourself to work with the plant — and is also a skill that’s helpful for centering yourself whenever you find yourself off-center.

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