Alcohol Gives Marijuana a Bad Reputation

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I don’t know about you, but most of the social gatherings I attend here in Colorado usually include both free-flowing marijuana and alcohol. It’s common for people to use the two at the same time. And when that happens, the combination ends up screwing up a lot of people AND giving marijuana a bad name.

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1) Psychology Today article: The Dangers of Combining Alcohol and Marijuana:

“Usually, when a person drinks too much alcohol, the body responds by vomiting in order to rid itself of the excess alcohol. Since marijuana helps prevent vomiting, the body may be unable to rid itself of dangerous toxins or an individual may choke on the vomit that is produced.”

2) Simultaneous Versus Concurrent Use of Alcohol and Cannabis in the National Alcohol Survey:

“Simultaneous use was also the most detrimental: compared to alcohol only, simultaneous use approximately doubled the odds of drunk driving, social consequences, and harms to self.”

3) People Don’t Mix Alcohol & Marijuana as Often as You Might Think (Alternet)

4) In the weeds: a baseline view of cannabis use among legalizing states and their neighbours.

“Only a small proportion (12%) of cannabis users usually consume cannabis and alcohol simultaneously, while concurrent use is common among recreational users.”

5) Marijuana & Alcohol Combined Increase Impairment COMBINED INCREASE IMPAIRMENT:

6) The Interaction Between Alcohol and Marijuana: A Dose Dependent Study of the Effects on Human Moods and Performance Skills
Marijuana tended to increase the intensity of the performance impairment produced by alcohol.

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