My Transition to A State Where Cannabis is Legal

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It’s like moving to a different country!

Here I am now in Denver, Colorado. Let’s call it a deeply, deeply “HAVE” state where both medical marijuana and Adult Use marijuana (what we used to call recreational) are liberally, well … legal!

I moved from Florida, the exact opposite … a state where the lawmakers are kicking and screaming to keep the citizens’ hopes for legalized medical marijuana at bay. The nagging question is “whose deep pockets are they in?”.

Yet you gotta give it to the Florida organization United for Care — they’re lining up signatures to get another run at a ballot referendum in November 2016. The one in November 2014 failed to get 60 percent of the vote, which was what was required.

In a democracy, it’s tough to swallow that the 58 percent of Floridians who voted in favor were defeated while the 42 percent “NO” vote prevailed. (It’s a crushing technicality in which an amendment vote in Florida needs to garner at least 60% of the vote to win.)

Ok, enough whining.

I’ve landed in Denver — where the favorable statistics for just how advantageous it is to have legal cannabis are stacking up.

And at some point, the politicians in Florida and the rest of the “HAVE NOT” states will have no alternative but to pay attention to the electorate’s will.

Here’s to a fully legal United States.


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