Ask the Plant: Paul McCartney’s Marijuana Song

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What did Paul really mean when he said his smoking marijuana was a bad influence on his children/grandchildren?

If you follow that thread where does it head?  … that he would be setting a bad example for the kids and that would give the kids a license to go ruin their lives?

I direct our dear Beatle to a terrific piece on how to talk to your kids about cannabis. (It’s a free download; thank you Green Flower Media. They’re doing some edgy things — check ’em out!)

Anyway, Paul’s either not in touch with it or soft peddling.

In the end, it’s actually none of our business … although we’d like to know, which is probably pretty creepy for famous people (except the ones who thrive on creep).

I’d love to hear his answer …given all those years of fervent dancing in our tent.

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Paul sings to Mari:

Bob Dylan turns Paul on to Mari:

Plants are communicating.
Here’s the classic and definitive resource: The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird. 1973

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  1. Seth

    I don’t really see why talking about marijuana with your kids has to be awkward. I would think it would go along the same lines as a discussion about alcohol, with an added section where you talk about why it’s actually illegal. Then you can easily segue into an educational tangent about governmental corruption! Fun for all!

  2. Scott

    Becca you are a breath of fresh air. Your videos are just perfect. You’re a cross between a Radio DJ, the Romper Room Lady and of course you have heard this by now, the actress on “The Walking Dead”. Your approach to it all and educating others is exactly what is needed for many and I think you are onto something. Can’t wait to see more videos from your new home in Colorado.

    1. Post
      Marijuana Straight Talk

      Well Scott! Thank you for your kind words … I’ll take it all! In my experience, particularly in television news, infotainment (offering info while entertaining) is the magic pill. And it feels good that you’re telling me I’m doing that right:)

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