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When I watch anything on any screen, I want to be, for sure, entertained first … and then educated. (Ok, well sometimes we go with the documentaries that have less of the first and more of the second).

But if the show hits the moon — then usually both are happening at the same time. It’s infotainment, as the term goes.

Let’s see, what are good examples? John Oliver comes to mind, as does Bill Maher. However, this is not about comparing Marijuana Straight Talk with those two pros dispensing political and cultural satire (not yet anyway). But by its very nature, cannabis, marijuana (whatever you wanna call it) is a political and cultural hot potato and so how to cover it is a question on the table.

There’s enough outlets beating the drum about the ins and outs of cannabis legalization …. wading into the micro-details of each state’s trials and tribulations. Other sites are all about the specter of getting cannabis-related businesses off the ground — in a spectacularly lucrative way (get your slice of the green rush, now!). These are certainly valid niches.

But Marijuana Straight Talk’s not any of the above. Rather, it’s about taking the temperature of the (large) subset of our culture that’s intrigued by the merits of the plant.

So, for instance, in our next TV show coming up, we cover stuff about marijuana as it relates to injured war veterans, college students, grassroots music and a group that’s trying to make sure the marijuana available to you is the best it can be. (Ok, I know, I know, I hear you in the states where it’s black market only, “We are so grateful for whatever we can get,” you quip.)  We hope to be welcoming to you peeps in those states as well.

So without further ado, here’s a little preview of our second show. I’d love to hear from you if you’ve got thoughts about future episodes. Shoot me a note here.

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Check out our first pilot show of Marijuana Straight Talk:

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